Benefits of Drinking Kafette


Organic, top grade arabica coffee beans from all over the world are delivered to our Kafette HQ where we precision roast all our beans to taste.  We then stone grind them on specialty grinders to achieve the powdery grounds optimal for brewing in our Kafette Brewing System.  BEKO Kafette Makers provide a quick and convenient method for preparing this beverage, the original style of drinking coffee.  It uses Cook Sense and Anti-spill Technology with a BPA free carafe for optimal brewing.

Healthy – Fresh, Organic

Kafette is known as one of the healthiest ways to consume coffee.  The high antioxidant grounds are boiled, re-boiled and remain in the cup settling to the bottom.  A groundbreaking study suggests that Kafette (Turkish/Greek style coffee) may increase your longevity and protect against heart disease.  This method of brewing is what differentiates Kafette as a healthy beverage.  On top of this, Kafette uses fresh, organic coffees from all over the world – quality ingredients provide a healthy drink.

Unique & Tasty

Most people in the United States have never tried a Turkish style coffee, and, if they have, they didn’t prefer the traditional ethnic coffee served with sugar and spices to conceal a low quality coffee.  Third wave coffee meets old world tradition in Kafette - an organic, single varietal coffee precision roasted to provide a tasty cup.  


Five hundred years of coffee development with the simple press of a button.  Usually it takes about 15 minutes to boil and re-boil coffee in an ibrik with constant attention to not burn the coffee over the open flame.  With BEKO behind us, the #1 appliance company in Europe, you can achieve the same drink in only minutes. Kafette is easy and quick to brew, complementing the American lifestyle.


It’s both the newest and oldest way to consume coffee! It is fun to experience the original style of drinking coffee.  A cup rich in history and taste, Kafette is the ultimate conversational piece.  If you are first experiencing Kafette, you can also probably expect a little buzz!