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I just received my Kafette Starter Kit in the mail. What do I do now?

Scoop, pour, brew and indulge!

Rinse and repeat.

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Is Kafette Turkish or Greek coffee?

Kafette is similar to Turkish and Greek coffee.  Kafette is a modern take on the original way to brew coffee. The beans we select and the way we roast are different than traditional Turkish or Greek coffees.  We select premium, organic beans from around the world and roast each batch to taste, not to a specific roast.  Our goal is to provide you with a tasty and healthy drink.

Why is Kafette called the original coffee?

The original way of making and drinking coffee consisted of a fine mortar ground coffee brewed over an open fire. The coffee was boiled and reboiled often many times before finding its way into a cup. When done properly, a nice foam will rest on top.  The fine grounds remain in the water and settle to the bottom of the cup. Once you drink down to the grounds' mud, it has been tradition to dump your cup upside down on a plate and read your fortune in the grounds.

Kafette is a similar style coffee that can made more simply, with the press of a button, in a Beko Turkish Coffee Maker. While the organic, single varietal beans and precision roasting have developed since the original coffee, the method of brewing and sipping experience are much the same.  This is how Kafette is a modern version of the original coffee.

What does it mean that your beans are sourced by Savaya Coffee Market?

Born and raised in Savaya Coffee Market, Kafette is a brand of the Savaya company.  Our quality standards are in alignment with Savaya and we use Savaya beans. To learn more about Savaya, click here.

Is Kafette really made in the U.S.A.?

Yes. The beans we use are grown in farms across the world. Each bag of beans is delivered to our doorstep in Tucson, Arizona, where we precision roast and stone-grind each bean with care. 

Why is the grind important?

Stone ground coffee is an essential part of your complete Kafette. Our specialty stone grinders crush the beans to a super fine consistency, while the usual commercial burr grinder can't achieve the fineness that is necessary for Kafette. Coffee flavor is about water to coffee surface area contact, the more area that the water makes contact with, the richer and more flavorful the final drink is. That means bad coffee produces an even worse drink while great coffee produces a great drink.

I have a Turkish grind on my grinder. Can I use that to make Kafette?

Kafette is stone ground in our specialty grinders to enhance the flavor in your cup.  Stone ground makes a finer, more powdery coffee to brew than other grinders. Since the grind is finer, the number of grounds in your cup are greater and the water extracts more flavor as it brews. You will not be sacrificing freshness by ordering our pre-ground coffee. We strongly recommend not using regular commercial or home grinders.

How much coffee should I use to make kafette?

The amount of coffee we traditionally use for kafette brewing in a Beko Kafette Maker is one and a half scoops (7 gram scoops are provided with your Beko) per cup when measuring water with our kafette cups (about 3.5 oz per cup). The Beko can make up to two kafettes at a time (3 scoops of kafette & about 7 oz of water).  Never exceed the max level line in the carafe.

If you are making kafette in an ibrik, the same ratios can be used.

Does the type of water you use make a difference in the taste of Kafette?

For a quality cup of kafette, you must use quality ingredients. Water is an essential, main ingredient of kafette coffee. To prevent any interference to the tastiest cup, use filtered water. 


Kafette Maker

How does a Kafette Maker work?

Bekos use patented CookSense technology to make an usually intricate method of brewing coffee as easy as pressing a button.  The original method of brewing coffee involves using something like an ibrik and bringing the water to boil multiple times over open flame.  When you put the carafe into the Beko machine and press the button, CookSense does all the work and in a matter of minutes.

Is the Beko Kafette Maker offered on kafette.com for commercial or household use?

Beko is the largest appliance company in Europe. Kafette is the sole distributor of Beko Kafette Makers in the United States. The Beko Kafette Maker offers a simple, easy way to brew kafette at home or in the office.  While Beko does not have a North American commercial machine available at the moment, we have been using the same machines for over five years in coffee shops, so they are durable and dependable. 

My Beko Kafette Maker is not working properly. What do I do?

The Beko Kafette Maker is an appliance with CookSense technology. Often times, as with computers, there is user error if we are not properly caring for and using our machine.  Be sure to read your user's manual for common user errors. Unplugging and then replugging the device is often a helpful first step when trouble shooting. Do not fill the carafe beyond the max fill line that is marked on the inside of the carafe. Do not allow water to sit on the inside of the machine. If you have read the manual and are still having issues with your Beko, call (520) 867-6444 for additional assistance.